IOS app Source Code

Is the source code for the iOS app also open source? Say I want to make a gadget but then the generic app isn’t quite what I need but gets me super close. Can I download the IOS App, pay the Apple developer fee and make my own IOS App starting from the Spark App as a reference design? If so what subdirectory does the code live?

I’m interested too… mr. devs travelling, though. I’m aiming to design a product out of a spark core, so this will be a requisite.

I am interested in the source as well. I am building my app w/o cloud support on a different platform for now (until more of your firmware is completed - I’m missing some functions) but would greatly appreciate having a reference iOS app that we can learn from to customize for our purposes. Please notify me when it would be available. Thanks!

i am interested too… i am working on custom IOS app for simple communication with spark core. please provide something like ios framework/sdk

I’d also be interested in access to the source. An official library or framework for iOS would also be great.

I found this related topic on Apr 18 where joegoggins says

when we open source the iOS app […]

So it is likely just matter of time, but I’d appreciate it if it could be released soon.

It’s on our list and the target this this month.

I will bring it up to the team again :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the repeated requests folks. It’s definitely still on our radar. The only remaining task is to rip out parts we don’t have a license to distribute.


This has been promised for months… When can it be realistically expected?

I can see that your resources are stretched but there seems to be a number of items on your web site that have said “Coming Soon” for months as well.

Nothing hurts customer satisfaction more than failed commitments and nothing effects a company’s success like growing too fast to meet customer commitments.
I believe you have a great product and a great team including the extended family of elite members. But there are number of things that could be done to improve the user experience for the user base who are non-arduino types. They include better tutorials, responses to question that assume zero knowledge and better structured Live Tutorials that cover a specific preannounced topic.

I hope you take this in the spirit I intended, that is constructive criticism.

Hey @Cretcheu,

If you ever need attention in the community, simply @ping my username. I make it my responsibility to look out for the stuff yet to be delivered :wink:

i got it covered here: