Developers to assist making IOS and Sparkcore project code

Hi Guys,

I’ve got a simple project, which is up and roughly running, but I want to hire some help to get a decent IOS app, and integrate it well with the sparkcore, and soon the proton. So I’m looking for both an experienced IOS guy, and someone who knows how to use a spark.

I want to build a LAN based (no reliable internet) VOIP app, which also receives input from a sparkcore. The sparkcore will send an alert and a small amount of data to the IOS clients, who could then initiate a Voip call with each other.

I think the trickiest part is that it isn’t a full time cloud connected solution, since there is no guarantee of internet access while the system is running. I’d run a raspberry pi for a local cloud if that ends up helping, but would prefer to minimize components in the system.

Any good ideas on where to start?