Custom app for connecting Spark Core's to Wi-Fi and claiming the same

Hi Everyone.

I am as new as a person can be to Spark, but am impressed and will definitely try to make couple of projects. I was wondering about the possible methods for connecting a Spark Core to a Wi-Fi network.

By the currently given options (as far as I know), I would either use the Android/iOS Spark Core App, or connect the Core to my PC via USB and send the commands to the Core.

With only these options being available, I find it limited. What if, let’s say, I give my friend a Spark Core, go at his home, connect it to his Wi-Fi from the Android/iOS Spark Core App, set up everything else and afterwards, my friend changes his Wi-Fi password. I would have to come at his home again and redo the steps.

Like a solution for this problem, I would like to be able to make a Custom Android/iOS App that will be able to perform the same things that the Spark Core App can, (identify Cores, connect them to Wi-Fi and claim them). I could hard-code the Spark Core id of the Core that I’ve given to my friend and he’ll be able to communicate with only that Core via the Custom App that I have given to him.

So, my question would be, is there a way that I could create such an app. How does the app detect a Core, send commands to a Core, claim a Core etc…

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Vlatko Stojkovski

This might be of some use…

Thanks for the reply!

I read this before I posted. I am definitely checking it up as an option, but wanted to ask anyway if there is an intention in offering a simpler solution which would make it a lot easier to embed Spark Core into gadgets that are sold etc.

I think if we look at a generic situation like buying a Laptop for example, the user has to connect to the Wifi network and handle all the changes in router password etc.

Having Smart Config mobile apps definitely makes it much simpler where they can simply connect to the cores by sending Wifi credentials wirelessly and get them back online again :slight_smile:

Hi @grobarko,

That’s why the Android app ( ) is open sourced, and the iOS app will be (as soon as we can get some iOS dev time on it). They’re meant to be used as a reference for creating a mobile app that can do all the same things as the stock Spark app. :slight_smile:


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Hi @Dave,

Real fail for me for not seeing this :smile:
Thanks for saving me a lot of hours!!!

Vlatko Stojkovski

No worries! I hope it helps! :slight_smile:


So I’ve downloaded the TI Smart Config like it mentions in the Github documentation.

Downloading this and installing gives you the following files:

libFTC_debug.a and libFTC_release.a library files.

I’ve renamed the debug one to libFTC.a and updated the version in the ios-spark project, but I keep getting the following compilation error when compiling the project:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @gotnull,

I wonder if you’re running into this issue:

I hope that helps!


I’d try that lipo command, however I don’t think TI offers a 32-bit and 64-bit version of the library.

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Did you ever figure this out? I’m working on an iOS app that is currently getting rejected for lack of 64 bit support and it certainly seems like libFTC.a is 32 bit only. Can’t seem to find anything about a 64 bit one from TI…