Setting up Spark Wifi from a Custom Desktop Application

I am planning to make a cross platform desktop application which will setup WIFI details on Spark Core (SC) devices. I have researched possibilities and found that the Java applet is the only way achieving this task. I tried running java applet from browsers but couldn’t get success.

Is there any cross platform API/library available which can help me setting up WIFI details on SC and return me the device id?

Should this happen wirelessly, or can the Core be connected over USB? You can use Putty(or similar programs) or the Spark CLI to transfer your credentials, so perhaps you can implements some of that in your program.

We will ship product to customers and their technical knowledge is limited. That’s the reason we want to develop a custom desktop application which will make this process easier. If it can be done wirelessly without any trouble (I have used Spark iPhone app and it didn’t detect my core) it’s awesome but we can use USB no problem with that.

Additionally, I would love to see someone use a optical solution a-la Electric imp’s "[blink up]however it seems it might be patented. :frowning: That being said it might be possible using colors or your phones vibration motor

As far as a wired solution goes, you should be able to work something out using a serial connection. Check the docs to see what settings are required.
Wirelessly, you’re tied to a Smart Config type of application. Either the one from TI, or the one from Spark.