Deploying the Spark Core remotely

Greetings to all;
I have several applications in mind that involve physically sending spark enabled hardware to a non technical user and have them do nothing more than power it up. The hardware would then “phone home” and everything else is then done through the cloud. The user would have WiFi and the Spark core could be provided with appropriate credentials before shipment, but of course it would not see that WiFi node until at the user’s site.

Any help would be appreciated.


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You can do that via USB to send the Wifi Credentials :smile:

The :spark: core will be able to save up to 7 Wifi profiles.

I will suggest that you setup a similar Wifi network, make sure the core can connect with the same:

  1. Wifi SSID
  2. Wifi Password
  3. Security Type
  4. Mode (/b/g)

That will really improve the chances of having instant connection! :smile:

I will also suggest that your default firmware would turn on Serial(COM) and recognize keystrokes you programmed.

In case there’s an issue, you can use Teamviewer or a remote desktop program to connect to your customer’s PC and debug or even set the wifi credentials again.

In that way, you somehow have a way to troubleshoot :smile:


Excellent! I’ll give that a shot and report back.


Don’t believe me fully. Think of ways you can “access” the core even after it is shipped and the Wifi failed.

Have fun! Can’t wait to hear from you :smile:

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