How to connect Spark Core to wifi university?

Hello, I am new with Spark Core. I connect Spark Core to my window computer through USB in order to setup connection to internet at home. It works as instruction. However, I do the same step with the wifi in university. It does not work because the wifi university requires SSID, username and password. How do I confirm three information with my Spark Core?
Thanks a lot! I am very appreciate your help

Given the requirements for “username” and “password” I’m betting your university uses WPA enterprise. The SparkCore is, unfortunately, incompatible with that kind of security given the rather large security certificates it requires. You best bet is to see if there is a secondary wifi network @ your university which is using regular AES or TKIP security or even WEP. If not then talk to your university’s IT department. They are usually helpful folks who dig technology

Thanks for quick reply! I am thinking about setting a local network by one desktop (ad-hoc) and this desktop also connects with internet through wire cable or maybe run local spark cloud on this desktop. Is this possible or another problems? Thanks

That should work. Just make sure the wifi network you setup is b or g and uses no security, WEP, WPA, or WPA2 secutity

@harrisonhjones, just to clarify, do you mean “and uses EITHER no security, WEP, WPA or WPA2 security”?


Security Options: None, WEP, WPA (tkip/aes), WPA2 (tkip/aes)

Band Options: b or g or b/g