Spark Core iOS library

My daughter and I have been building robots with the BeagleBone Black and very recently I stumbled on the Spark Core. I really liked the Spark’s built in Wi-Fi and thought that my first project would be to use the Spark Core as a communication module for our robot. We really wanted to control the robot with our iPhone/iPad/iPods but I did not see any iOS libraries for the Spark so I wrote one.

You can read about the library on my blog:

You can download the library from my GitHub account:

I am pretty new to the Spark Core so if anyone has any suggestions/comments/recommendations, please share. I hope this library is useful to someone else besides me.


Is this useful?

Yes I have taken a look at the Spark iOS app but I wanted something simple and easy to use that focused on the communication between the app and Spark’s Web API. It seemed that the iOS app has a lot of extras that were not needed for quick prototyping and hobbyists. I do believe that the Spark iOS app can be greatly simplified to make it an easier to use as a template but I wanted something that was even easier than that for my robot since I already had my Spark Core set up. Hopefully this will help out others, maybe it is too simplified but it is what I needed.

Simple is good! I may have to tinker with this a bit in the future.

Thanks for sharing @hoffmanjon, very cool! :slight_smile: