When is 0.6.x firmware expected to be released?

I have looked and I apologized if I have just missed it, but is there a schedule as to when we expect to see the latest 0.6.0 rc become the new firmware release? And what about future releases like .7? Is there an anticipated timeframe? I can see what issues are assigned to each build in GitHub, and that is really helpful, but is there a place I can look to see anticipated timeframes?

Ideally if there is a basic roadmap, or plan on release schedule it would really help for planning purposes. I know schedules change and features push out or get pulled in. But for product planning purposes it would help me to set proper expectations. Even just knowing the goal is say every 3 months for the next release, that would help, cause if I see it running over and I need something I can always back port it or add it if necessary.