User control over firmware version when flashing

I just found out that firmware release 0.4.5 is planned for next Wednesday. My partner and I are still trying to get all of our Photons running correctly on the 0.4.4 release. It is good that Particle is fixing bugs and adding improvements to the device firmware at a rapid pace. But this does bring up the issue that we developers may be coding and debugging in an uncontrolled environment. So, I have a request for Particle: How about (in the web IDE at least) displaying the firmware version that will be flashed (as needed) along with the new compilation of our code. And, how about letting us developers select a previous device firmware version to compile our new code with if we so choose to do so. It would be great to support this feature in the local IDE as well, but please consider this for the Web IDE at least.

I just answered another thread (do you happen to be related or is this an odd coincidence ;-))

Have a look here
Compile user software for specific version

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It is an odd coincidence. Thank you for the information. This is exactly what we need.