System firmware vs application code

Dumb question, I have lots of devices in the field. Some were deployed with the system firmware 4.2 others 4.3 a few 4.4, etc. From the dashboard when I push new code to a device, will that device in the field be updated to 4.7 AND get the new code, or will it still be running say 4.3 with the new code?

Sorry if I am totally getting mixed up on firmware vs application code.

I don’t think you’re mixed up. As I understand it with the web ide - you can control which version of the firmware you’ll use listed under your Devices tab. Each device has a drop-down that lets you select which version of firmware is used to compile and flash. I believe you can only go forward with the firmware - and cannot roll-back using this method. You should have the choice to keep the older firmware or to update to the latest per device.

I think this is what the safe mode healer does ?

If you flash application code compiled on 4.7 to a 4.4 photon for example, it will reboot and enter safe mode because it cant run the firmware, then the safe mode healer will start sending updates to it, to bring it up to the same level as application firmware is.

Interesting, I am not using the web IDE but rather the particle dashboard, it doesnt have any way to select a “system firmware” perhaps that is a feature that is coming?

Overall I’m just lost as to what system firmware all my devices are running or how to get them all onto the same system firmware version.

How do you push code to a device using Particle Dashboard??

You upload your firmware revisions (I compile with particle dev), then you select the device from the dashboard and choose your firmware and push it out.

??? Sorry - but I see no such options like that in the Particle Dashboard - just checked in several browsers. Only option is to edit the device name.

I have a hunch that this is part of the organizations dashboard, which you won’t be able to see if you aren’t part of that.

Ah - I see that now - looks like those features are available with a paid Team Plan. I’m in the cheap seats.

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