Web IDE photon build version

What the heck firmware version does the Web IDE/Particle IDE use for the Photon? I’m trying to do some things that seem to work locally but it’s like the HAL/libraries available/etc. isn’t the same in the cloud. The web IDE says 0.3.4 (Oct. 21), but AFAIK, that wouldn’t work with the Photon… I’m so confused… :sob:

I’ve reported this a while ago, but things do take some time :weary:

AFAIK it’s still 0.4.0, but since @mdma seems to be back 0.4.2 will be arriving soon, I hope :pray:

@mumblepins, @ScruffR is correct that version 0.4.2 will be release soon after @mdma returns from his well deserved holiday (next week). A new version of the Core firmware will follow a few weeks after that as focus is being placed on the Photon for now. If you are itching to get the latest beta of the Photon and Core firmware, you can compile locally and use the firmware “develop” branch of the github repo code. :smile:

Yeah, I already do that. I was just working on a library though, and wanted it to work on the Web IDE as well.

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Core - 0.3.4
Photon - 0.4.1

Look at the release tag - https://github.com/spark/firmware/releases

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