0.7.0 Release Changelog, Please?

Continuing the discussion from Particle Firmware Updates Thread:

I’m excited to see a new stable release is now out with 0.7.0. I would like to see a combined changelog with any and all breaking changes and/or bug fixes. Instead I have to click on 7 different links and look through each individual release and sub release to figure out what’s going on. And how many changes from rc.1 are now not even relevant in rc.7?

Given that Particle hardware is used in a commercial application, it would be ideal to have release documentation that clearly states what a developer is getting into with an upgrade. At this point I’m just going to stick with 0.6.3 until I have time to look through all this.

@zacattack if you scroll down from here you should get the 0.7.0 changelog you’re looking for:

Some of the bug fixes in the rc’s here for 0.7.0-rc.2 ~ rc.7 were for 0.7.0-rc.1 itself, but if you start from the bottom and scroll up it should be pretty obvious which ones they are. I saw a couple fixes for WPA in there that you can ignore perhaps. However, those bug fixes might still be relevant for some if they were previously using one of the rc’s and upgraded to 0.7.0.

@BDub Thanks for the quick reply. The changelog is definitely what I am looking for. I guess the only potential API change is mentioned here: https://github.com/particle-iot/firmware/blob/develop/CHANGELOG.md#deprecated-api which doesn’t appear to be rolled out until 0.8.0.