Particle's plans for getting firmware to 1.0


Has Particle mentioned anything about their expected timeline or plan to get the firmware to 1.0? I’m trying to understand how Particle views the fact that major point release versions (0.7.0 for instance) are tagged with the note 'This is a Release and may be used for production". Should we not view getting to 1.0 as a signal that Particle’s firmware is ready for production? Does Particle hope to get to 1.0 soon?


Great question Kevin.

There are, in fact, many production fleets out in the world running versions as early as the 0.5 line and as recent as the 0.8 prereleases. Each company does its own testing on its own development devices before releasing to the broader fleet.

That said, we do have plans to release 1.0 this year to signal more broadly to the world that the Particle Device OS is a stable system on which to build an IoT product.


@incorvia, just FYI for software release naming conventions, Particle uses a custom one detailed here: Confused about Software Release Life Cycle naming conventions

We use 0.7.0 quite successfully, although depending on what you’re doing other firmware versions might be a better fit. With the Electron, we have a blocking issue with 0.8.0, Electron power-on connectivity issues with 0.8.0-rcX, and Issues with firmware 0.7.0 details an issue with 0.7.0 on Photons.


Thanks for taking the time Zachary, it makes me glad to know that Particle is trying to push to get to 1.0 by the end of the new year. While many people are using it in production, it would be nice to see Particle give voice to the confidence they have. It will only help us, the developers, feel more confident.