What is the final firmware version for Xenons?

Here it says the final firmware version for Xenons will be the 1.6.x releases:

Here is says it will be 1.5.x

Being highly pessimistic about Particle’s promises ever since the deprecation of Xenons, I’m assuming it’s going to be limited to 1.5.x, which is NOT what was in the original announcement.

Can any one confirm this?


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The last version with mesh and Xenon support is 1.5.x. Probably 1.5.4.

There will be no 1.6.x releases. The next release will be 2.0.0 and will not have mesh support.


Is there a way to ‘simulate’ not having mesh support? I’m keen to look at other ways to communicate with them, BLE being the obvious one.

Is the best way just to ignore any of the cloud functions (Particle.X) and the Mesh functions too? I know over the air updates will disappear too.

and then don’t use Mesh.on();?

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Cheers, that would do it.

I’m not using any Cloud functions, just mesh. It’s a local mesh, and it’s far more useful than BLE, which is limited to 3-4 devices at the moment I believe. Depends on your use case of course.

The major problem with mesh is that by the end of the year, you won’t be able to create new meshes, the CLI tools will be disabled.

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