Updating Argon's firmware and lost Xenon Mesh node?

Hi folks,

It’s my second time when I update an Argon firmware, my node Xenon it’s disconnected. Xenon flashing cyan for ~10sec and I have a red light flashing. I try many time to join again with no success. I need to start to deploy Argon/Xenon but I really need to know why before.

Both Argon & Xenon running 1.1.1
Under my mesh network, I don’t see my Xenon, look gone.

Thanks for your help

Have you tried with 1.2.1?

I have not tested 1.2.1, I prefer to stay with 1.1.1 for now. For your information, I was successfully done the mesh usgin 1.0.0, after a problem I upgraded to 1.1.1 and I was good in my mesh. But after just make a update firmware with 1.1.1, my mesh is gone.