Are Xenon devices still supported?

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I have about 12 Xenon devices I bought from Seeed in early 2019 with a view to building a meshing warehouse monitoring system. They have been sitting, unused, in a box ever since.

Are they still supported by the Particle platform? I can think of a few things to do with them.

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@rlkeith take a look here if you haven’t already:

Thank you. That explains it.

I was not keen on the idea of mesh networks anyway.


Hey Rob,
there was a similar question in this post:

You may want to check out the possible uses for it in that thread.

Thank you. I saw that thread. I can convert them to Arduino devices using the Adafruit bootloader. I am trying to find the little JTAG programmer.

Not sure I what I am going to do with 12 WiFi and BLE Arduinos. I already have a couple of Adafruit Huzzah! units.


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You can convert some and leave some on Particle DeviceOS, perhaps? You do not need to convert them to Arduino to use them.

Please note that these would only be BLE Arduinos.

Not 100% sure here, but maybe this library (that was created to compensate for the lack of mesh networks) can help you use them in an easy way as remote sensors:

You’d need a boron, argon, or an ethernet adapter for connecting them to the cloud.

OK Thanks. I am very comfortable with the Arduino platform. Maybe I will learn how to use the Particle platform if I ever get my Boron going. It has just sat there flashing for the past two weeks and will not activate.

Other people reported a similar issue and got it fixed by opening a support ticket.

May I suggest you do? Particle is a wonderful platform. Updating devices from the comfort of my home is something I like very very very much (just to mention one of the features they offer).

I’ve got 3 running household temperature sensors and an e-paper display. They are still running mesh and it does mean I have an argon doing nothing but being a gateway on 1.5.2. If I get round to it, I will just swap that for one of the xenons.

I have 3 xenons in the garden doing soil moisture sensing. They run over BLE to an argon in the shed that will one day contain water butt depth sensors and might take over watering duties (currently an old pi).

A few more (I picked up a load really cheap on ebay), I was thinking of using as BLE becons for a roving robot position triangulations.

They are still a very good non-wifi microcontroller and have the advantage of low power consumption with battery charging and connectors on the board. To me that puts it ahead of the likes of the Pi Pico. Some seem to have added wireless with an ESP01 or ESP32.


Thanks. I’m sure I can find a use for them. I live in a Georgian house with two heating zones. The system is massively clumsy and expensive to run. I’m thinking of making a servo to fit on each of the radiators and control them individually, while making sure the hot water stays hot.


Nice! If you have the time to elaborate or post a pic of your setup, I’d like to see what you did.

Will do. I’m away on holiday but should be able to do something in about a week.

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