Mesh-only and offline firmware updates

In a deployment topology where no device is assigned the gateway role (e.g. all Xenon), what firmware update methods will be available other than physically connecting a host computer to each device? Is there mesh-only firmware update functionality? For example, once a single device receives a new firmware update, all other devices that participate on the same mesh network can be updated.

To be clear, we’re trying to understand how useful the Xenon product is when deployed to environments without internet connectivity or otherwise outside the Particle ecosystem.

I do remember them talking about having the ability to deploy new firmware over the mesh network to numerous Mesh devices.

Not 100% sure about if this will happen at roll out though so let’s wait for an official response.

@jberi or @will May be able to comment on this feature.

AFAIR, bluetooth firmware upload was in the talks.

You can also plug a Xenon into an Ethernet Shield to get it connected to the internet.

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