What exactly is the latest firmware available for boron right now?

what exactly is the latest firmware available for boron right now?

@andrev, the latest stable LTS (long term service) version is v2.1.0. The latest version (non LTS) is 3.1-0-rc.1 (pre-release).

@peekay123 Could you extend on how to reach/download that exact firmware, as as per the instruction/ documentation it directs to Release v0.9.0 (Gen 3) · particle-iot/device-os · GitHub that offers 0.9 version that seems differ from 2 or 3 release
Thank you very much

@andrev, how are you developing your code? Are you using the Web IDE, the Particle CLI or Particle Workbench in VS Code?

You can update your Boron by compiling code to the DeviceOS version you want to use. When you flash the code to your Boron, it will automatically update itself to the version of your firmware.

the question is specifically where to download the firmware
as you pointed out that the firmware version of the latest release is :slight_smile:
“v2.1.0. The latest version (non LTS) is 3.1-0-rc.1 (pre-release).”
could you extend how to download that specific firmware, please?
As there is a discrepancy with theversion number in your response and in the version number 0.90 available in the documerntation, it is not clear how exactly to download the latest version mentioned from you, while it appears that downloading 0.90 version of the firmware reffered to in the documentatino will result in obsolete formware

@andrev, I have not idea where you are getting the 0.90 version reference. However, here are some helpful links:







@peekay123 the guide for boron suggests the github repository with version 0.9.0

@andrev, I see. If you read the links I posted, I think you will find your answers.

Thank you for sharing the urls; It seems I should be able to use tag at github to download the specific version that could be further flashed like the below, right?

particle flash --usb hybrid[version]-argon.bin

@andrev, the “hybrid” versions are monolithic builds for hardware (using Particle Debugger) debugging only. Otherwise you would need to flash the bootloader and system part(s) in the order indicated.

Makes sure you don’t reference anything on prerelease-docs.particle.io. It hasn’t been updated in years. I’ve been meaning to delete it, but it turns out I don’t have access to update or delete it, so I need to find someone who does.

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