Boron LTE Firmware


Hi there,

I got a Boron LTE a couple days ago and I and flashed my own project using the Nordic SDK doing some testing so far so good, but now I would like to use the original firmware the one that comes with the Boron LTE preinstalled,

Do you have it available to download?



The firmware binaries are not yet available as per this post: Boron FW restore. But, did you flash a new system OS or just a “sketch” or project OTA? If so, can’t you just re-flash Tinker to get back to original?


The binaries have just been released - official announcement will come soon.


Hi ScruffR, Thanks for the link

an additional question:

how is supposed to be flashed the nRF52840? should I merge Softdevice+bootloader+system-part1-0.8.0-rc.25-boron.bin? using nRF tool or should I follow specific steps using the files in link?


Hi ninjatill,

I erased the whole flash memory on the RF52840, and I want to flash again the preinstalled (original) firmware on the Boron LTE module


I’d assume (from previous experience) that you flash each module by itself via CLI particle flash --usb <module.bin> (with device in DFU mode).
However, if you had overwritten the factory bootloader in your original dealings with the device, it may well be that you now first need to apply the bootloader via JTAG/SWD in order to reestablish DFU mode behaviour in order for CLI to work with the device.

According your initial description of your current device status it may well be like getting a preinstalled computer and as first action low-level format the harddrive including recovery partition to see what the device is capable of and then wanting to get back to the previously i installed software :wink:


Thanks ScruffR for that solution I also manage to flash bootloader using nRF connect programmer a tool by Nordic, so it is working so far so good,

Cheers :smiley:


Despite the title, this page (which I believe is quite new right now) has links to the latest Boron firmware. (I
haven’t tried it myself)


Hey @Arepa, what do you mean? How do you flash a Nordic SDK program to the Boron, or Argon or Xenon. As far as I know the Nordic NRF52840 devices need a .hex file and Particle devices create a .elf file that gets converted into a .bin file. Very curious how you managed to flash anything from nordic to a particle device. I have tried the nrf tool and could not connect to any particle devices. Can you give some steps. This sounds really interesting.