Most Stable Electron Firmware

Is there one firmware version that you all have experience is the most stable for an Electron? I am currently running the default 1.4.2, but wanted to see if I am missing out on something critical or if I should keep it as is. I have had the issue of flashing code and it is not responding and the flash fails. This is with ~35% cellular strength.

Thank you!

Hi there,

For cellular we don’t recommend anything below 1.2.1 (Lots of fixes + device vitals).
We currently have DeviceOS 2.0-rc.1 (Alpha - not really alpha, but the first public release, but definitely not final :innocent:) out in the wild and this will form the basis of our LTS release, a stable deviceOS with no changes, bar bug fixes, for the next 12 months. 2.0/LTS should be considered the most stable version on the Particle platform.
See this post by will for more details on LTS: Tips for deploying reliable LTE Boron that stays up

I recommend that you test on this version and alert us to any issues so that we can implement fixes before Beta and finally GA release.

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