What does the Particle SIM card look like?

This sounds dumb. In fact, that is because it is.

I tested my Electron with a Project Fi card and it worked.

I am going back (what I thought was) the Particle SIM and it isn’t working and I wonder if I have misplaced the Particle SIM and picked up another random one from my desk.

This one says m2m solutions and looks like Movistar, O2 and Vivo on it.

What does the Particle SIM have marked on it, if anything? If it’s not that one, it has probably blown away or something :frowning:

That is what my Particle SIM says on it.

Ah, so it is the right one. Thank you.

Now I need to figure out why it just goes to flashing blue after a few seconds.

Maybe it remembers the configuration change I made to get Project Fi working. I did take that out of the code…

Have you ever activated the SIM?
If you have, could it be that your payments didn’t get through and it got deactivated again?
Or have you still got code running that uses the 3rd party APN?

Hi ScruffR,

I added these lines to use the Project Fi SIM and it worked fine.

#include "cellular_hal.h"
STARTUP(cellular_credentials_set("h2g2", "", "", NULL));

void setup() 

I had activated and used the Particle SIM before.

Now, I am back on the Particle SIM and after a few white breaths, it goes to flashing blue. The code is now the same as what was running last week on the Particle SIM without the cellular_credentials_set line.

Are the cellular credentials stored in flash? Do I need to change them to something else? Or is cellular_credentials_set only set temporarily when run.

It is still on the 3 month Kickstarter plan and only 0.16MB used so far.


Seems it was a physical contact problem.

I squeezed the SIM to the board and held it whiling pressing reset and it went to flashing green.

The socket is not holding the SIM hard enough against the contacts for some reason.

I will clean and check the contacts.

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That issue has been reported by others too.
If you are careful, you can slightly bend the contacts up with a needle and maybe give the bracket which goes across the SIM a slight push with the SIM removed to “dint” it a bit, to put more force on the SIM once placed back in the holder.

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i also have the m2m, movistar, and vivo sim and i’m wondering what carrier is now providing me with the signal. i ask because the service has been bad. so much so that i decided to try a third party provider. This provider uses at&t in my area of tucson,az which provides a great signal and best i can tell only drops/connects every 20 minutes or so. i know from cell phone experience that t-mobile is bad at my apartment as well as just around town generally. at one point recently there was a sim test and i’m interested in how that turned out as well as is it possible to get an at&t sim for particle. thanks.