Weird bug with Particle Dev 0.0.24

This is a weird one, but 100% reproducible with the latest version of Windows Particle Dev. (Note to webmaster: I would greatly appreciate a “current version” number on the Particle Dev download page, so I don’t have to redownload the whole program just to see if there’s a newer version.)

Basically, Particle Dev throws an error if I try to build a project from a new directory for the first time. That looks like this:

Note that I have associated INO files with Particle Dev, so I’m simply clicking on “application.ino” from Windows Explorer.

  • OK, so it errors and won’t compile. Ditto if I close the program and reopen it from the INO file–same crash. Note that I don’t have a device selected in the above screenshot, but selecting a device doesn’t change this.

  • Now, if I open Particle Dev by clicking on the desktop icon (thanks to the new version that automatically reloads your previous project for you), it opens the project folder in the tree on the left, but doesn’t open any of the files in the editor (this may be a clue). NOW either of the compile buttons work (obviously, the top one won’t work unless I select a device!)

  • But now I can restart Particle Dev IDE by clicking on the “application.ino” file in Windows Explorer…and it will compile the project.

  • However, the fun begins: If I rename the source folder (note in the above photos that it is “D:\testf”) to anything else–say “D:\testk”, it’s deja-vu all over again. (Error and won’t compile.) 100% reproducible.

This isn’t terminal by any means, but I was momentarily derailed when trying to create a small program to test the WiFi connectivity, etc. What, Particle Dev can’t compile this project?

P.S. If I wait a little bit, the error report indicates that “Atom is out of date: 0.0.24 installed; 1.0.2 latest. Upgrading to the latest version may fix this issue.” Obviously, I understand that Particle has added quite a few modifications to make this platform their own, and it may not be an easy upgrade.

Ping @suda

@WebDust21 thanks for a very detailed bug report! This should be fixed in 0.0.25 which will use the latest Atom.

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