Selecting which file gets compiled in Particle Dev

When I try to compile in Particle Dev “No .ino/.cpp to compile”. I most definelty have .ino file in the open folder in Particle Dev.

I think I may have an issue similar to:

I was able to compile a file (saved to my desktop), but after deleting it, moving to a new folder, creating a new file, and trying to compile I get the error mentioned above. Before deleting the file, it compiled the old one even when I was in a new directory. I’ve tried restarting Particle Dev. Any ideas?

After removing all but one folder from the file listing on the left, it started trying to compile files in the current working folder. But I have a .cpp (a library) file and an .ino file and it seems to compile the .cpp file instead of the .ino. How do I tell Particle Dev which file I want to compile?

Slightly related: where do I see the compiler output? Also When I click on an error it doesn’t jump to the part of the code where the error is. It just opens a new untitled file…