Particle Dev will only compile once

I just installed Dev on my work machine (Windows 7). It will only attempt to compile one time, after that clicking the compile button does nothing, I have to close and reopen Dev to compile again. Any Ideas?

I have an account signed in, but I’m not connected to any devices (they’re in the mail).

I didn’t even think you could compile once without a device selected. The compile step is platform (electron, photon, core)-specific and it knows which one it is after you select the device in Particle Dev. If you really want to compile code before you have a device, you can install the Particle CLI. You can still edit the code in Dev, but the CLI takes the platform as a parameter for particle compile.

Tested again under my personal account with a device selected. Still can only compile one time.

With Dev screenshots of your entire Dev window have helped, try us

Attached is a screenshot. I have compiled once and now can’t compile again. Clicking on “Success” does nothing. I thought this was supposed to show me some details from the compile.

I did find old remnants of Spark Dev on this machine. I deleted them and restarted and re-installed Particle Dev. Didn’t fix the problem.

Try the menue “File - Open Folder …” and select the actual folder containing the .ino file and not any parent directory of it.

In your case the Libraries folder and not the 421700RM_TestJig_FW_001 folder

That’s where I am. The libraries folder is actually an empty directory I normally store my h and cpp files in. CLI doesn’t like it when those files are in there though.