Web site not mobile friendly

Hi @particle
Just wish to provide some feedback on the website when using a smartphone (iPhone 6+):

  • main website layout has some issues with overlapping text
  • Main website side menu doesn’t open correctly, it actually scrolls horizontally
  • it seems impossible to log in to the shopping area, I’m getting “username and password are required fields”, even when they have been actually provided

Any examples of this where to look, and/or screenshots?

Seems to work for me, with the items displayed vertically. No horizontal scrolling.

Works fine for me as well. Can you make sure auto-fill isn’t messing things up here?

Sincerely, another dude with a 6+. Tried this all in Safari.

What iOS are you on, and which browser are you using (looks like chrome?).

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It’s chrome indeed on iOS 10.3.2
Screenshots attached


Have you set the display mode of Chrome to desktop or mobile view?

Never changed it, I assume it is mobile mode

Thanks for the feedback! I have passed to our website team to investigate. We’ve done mobile testing so not sure why you’re seeing such odd performance.

Chrome has a Desktop mode that will display the page just as you normally see it on the desktop. I use this mode to see online dashboards in normal view vs the Mobile version that never really displays right and it works perfectly.

Desktop mode is in the Chrome settings area.

I confirm I do not have desktop mode enabled