Build console on mobile Chrome unusable

I’m using a Nexus 6P, Chrome, and the build console as well as regular console dashboard have big issues. I can’t select any text, can’t scroll without enabling desktop mode in Chrome (upload tab takes the entire screen if not), and even getting the text to show, I can’t delete text, select, backspace, or do a lot else.

Not sure if this was overlooked?

These sites are not optimized for mobile devices due to mobile screen sizes being too small.

It would be nice if Particle worked on optimizing them though.

It’s not just the size as well. I think there’s some big modular issues. When I select things, it selects the code like bar for some reason.

Just tested on Firefox mobile as well. Same issues. Even when requesting desktop mode.

Hi @crewxp,

Thanks for the feedback! Can I ask what version of Android you’re using on your Nexus / what mobile version of Chrome? It sounds like you’re hitting issues in both the Build IDE and the Console when using mobile devices.

I’ll pass this along to our Build and Console teams.


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