Using Particle Build on Android

I am unable to scroll the code section in the Particle Build environment when I’m Android/Chrome. Is this a known limitation that Build does not work on touch devices or what is your experience?

I don’t think the IDE was built to work on mobile devices. That said, you should be able to scroll on the right side of the screen. Give it a try :slight_smile:

Yes that works and provides lots of fun :wink: I’m sorry to hear that Build does not work on Android. I use my tabs for lots of productive stuff when I’m away from my desk and I am quite surprised how one can manage to build a web solution that does not work on a touch device? I mean even if the page is not optimized for it, it should still work.

If this is indeed the case I would be glad if it was supported in a future release. Thoughts on that?

I can’t say if it doesn’t work on Android, because I haven’t got one. I’ve got the iPad on which it doesn’t work as smooth as I’d like it to be. Could be the iPad (partially), could be the IDE.
I think a regular desktop/laptop is nicer for these kinds of development, but a touchscreen should work as well. The IDE has been a point of discussion for a while now. With the imminent release of the electron, some more time will be able to be dedicated to fixing/revamping that. Hopefully it will improve in the not too distant future, as it’s a feature everybody would like to see running smoothly.