Problems with scrolling on Particle IDE on macOS?

I was having problems with the platform update process in my installed version of Particle IDE, so I downloaded it again. That fixed the problems I was having where Atom was complaining about package versions, but now with the newly downloaded Particle IDE it refuses to scroll the code windows!

I’ve gone through a few things and done some internet searches to no success, including changing the settings to “Always show scrollbars” in macOS. (it still doesn’t show any) Fullscreen mode or resizing doesn’t seem to affect it.

My other installs of Atom (not Particle) work fine. This is putting a huge damper on my productivity… any Atom whizzes out there have suggestions? Thanks!

Agg if only it could always be so simple!

Apparently this is only an issue with tabs that are opened from a previous session on startup. So if you encounter this issue, just close all the tabs and re-open them.

Thank you for putting your solution!

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