[SOLVED]WebIDE not responding

Since a week or so I can’t use the WebIDE not anymore.
I’m getting and endless spinner in a empty IDE.

The console of Google Chrome (44.0.2403.130 m) is showing me the following errors and warnings:

Is this a back-end problem or should a look for the problem at my side?


If possible, could you try logging out/in again (possibly clearing the cache of your browser)? That often helps.

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I have often found that the WebIDE works best in incognito mode in Chrome for me.

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I can’t log out. The only control that is working is Docs.

@jacco, kill the browser, purge you cache and try again. If it connects automatically, try logging out again then back in.


Incognito mode is working indeed.
Clearing the cache in normal mode also helped.

By the way I had this problem across different devices (Windows and OSx).

Thanks guys.