Spark WEB IDE Intermittent [04 July '14 09:16am CST][Fixed]

I can’t seem to get into the spark build web IDE, I keep getting application errors, or if I do get the IDE screen, I just get the spinning circle in the corner.

Seems like an issue for me as well.

Just hold on for a while. I will email the :spark: HQ.

Thanks for notifying!

@teke @Dave @jgoggins

Hey community folks,

if you guys see this, just close the tab and wait for updates here or the constant refreshing [F5] might not allow the server time to self restore :slight_smile:

It’s running for me now. @james211 can you report your status?


its a lot better, but I’m still getting save errors on when I click the verify button. I typically have to press it 4-5 times before I get it to work.

Its keep on spinning, no IDE :frowning:

@krvarma, close the tab and try again.

you should be prompted to re-login

@Dave is on it right now so let’s give him some time. :slight_smile:

Closed the tab, logged in again. First time it automatically logged out and asked login again. Now logged in but the IDE keeps on spinning.

Closed again and waiting for updates here.

Hey Guys,

Just restarted the build IDE, looks like it might have been a sick dyno. Should be back up and happy now. :smile:



@dave, @kennethlimcp, it is working for me now.


I’m good to, haven’t had any errors in some time.


the spark team is always on top of it! happy 4th.


Glad to hear that @Dave brought things up pretty quickly without too much trouble earlier today, that’s awesome.

A brief post-mortem

It appears that the cause of the issue was due to a sequence of errors taking down a couple of the dyno’s that power the site coupled with increased load AND a long-standing performance issue (you know that shabby load time you’ve seen lately :smile: ) which together caused requests to queue up beyond a reasonable amount of time, such that basic actions would timeout and fail.

I’ve narrowed down the errors the caused the dyno’s to “get sick” in the first place and will be addressing them first thing next week. As far as the underlying performance issues, I was happy to have a fresh branch of code @shime had put together yesterday available for deployment. I just deployed this performance tweak to the IDE. My page load time sped up by 3X or so, from like 8-10s and sometimes higher to consistently less than 3s.

Okay. So, with that solved. I’m in America. I should probably go cook some brats, drink some independence day beers, and light some fireworks…Happy 4th folks…