Web IDE on iPhone

I’m trying to use an iPhone 5c with iOS 7.1 with Safari to edit and upload firmware to my Core but I can’t scroll through the code. I can only see the first 25 lines of code.

I wouldn’t normally use my iPhone for this but it would be handy when you’re stuck without your computer.

Is there any chance the Web IDE could be made to work on iPhones?


Hello @Bradders
The Web IDE was not designed keeping iPhones in mind. But I can see how it might be useful in certain situations. I’ll raise this topic with the IDE team. It may not be a high priority for us though.


Although (far) from ideal, you can in fact scroll the window on iPhone/iPad by scrolling on the far edges of the screen (the right, or bottom edge). It will be impractical, highly frustrating, but in case of “emergency” it’ll work. Just don’t expect to write a 800 line sketch off your iPhone without throwing it at a wall a couple of times :wink:

Best of luck, and may the :spark:s be ever in your favor.

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Ooh, yes you’re right of course!

That’s the only place I didn’t try!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Try CppCode app.

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