Mobile IDE or alternative ways to flash new code?

Hi All,
I like the idea of being able to code on the go, on my mobile. Flashing new changes without having to boot up my pc etc. Unfortunately the web IDE doesn’t really function well on a mobile browser (unable to scroll down on code, highlight and paste doesn’t work well etc)

Is anyone aware of either plans for a mobile IDE (preferably iOS)? Or any way to push code via other methods such as linking to git etc?
I’ve looked online but can’t find anything relevant.


Unfortunately, I don’t think there are plans for either at the moment. There are more important things to fix than a mobile IDE I’d say, which is probably why that won’t make the cut.
Scrolling on mobile does kind-of work, you just have to make sure you use the outer edge of the screen (on iOS at least).

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I use my Android, and just request a desktop site and works well enough. Like @Moors7 said, Just make sure you use the outer edge. Took me ages to work that out. :frowning:

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