Suggestion: sharing app code and putting app code on github

The ability to publish and leverage existing libraries is great. How about something similar for apps themselves?

Along those lines, have you thought of not only hosting library code on github, but allowing users to put their app code there too? This offers the advantage of versioning and collaborative programming.

@peekay123 Do you happen to know if this sort of improvement was ever implemented? Would be super helpful

Not peekay123, but no, it wasn’t yet, but that’s still Work-In-Progress under the project name IDE 2.0

Thanks man! I’m working with another engineer on some code for Particle and i’m trying to find the best way to share the code as we work together on it. Would be super sweet to be able to see his changes live and perhaps even have a comment section for discussion. I’ll do some more research on IDE 2.0 in the meantime!

For the time being, I’d go with CLI for building and flashing - that way you can have any tool you like to share your code.