No such file or directory in Web IDE

Hi there :wave:

Trying to get some code working again on a core thats been in a box for ages.

I have got the got the core online, updated it and can flash to it. It does have a wierd thing where after flashing the code it will boot up be online for a few seconds, then go offline and come back up. I can’t remember it this is normal.

Anyway the issue I am having is PS2keyboard.cpp:51:25: PS2Keyboard.h: No such file or directory. The file is actually inliuded on line 2 but i assume the error saying line 52 is because of the other code that is merged (linked?) before compilation.

The file is 100% there. I have 4 files:

  • old-keyboard-code.ino,
  • int_pins.h,
  • PS2keyboard.cpp,
  • PS2keyboard.h.

This happens in both the cloud IDE and the CLI compiler.

I have seen other people have this issue and have tried the suggestions of fully closing chrome and re-opening.

Last night it was working fine with a community library but it does not quite do what i need so I’m trying to use the one I used last time.

Any suggestions I would be very thankful.

The cloud compilers (CLI and Web IDE) run under Linux on a case-sensitive file system.

If the names are exactly as typed above, PS2keyboard.h and PS2Keyboard.h are not the same file.


Well that was embarrassing. This issue has caused me issues elsewhere before.
Thank you so much.

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