Web IDE Constantly Loops

When first opening build.particle.io/build, it constantly loops and in the lower left of the page/window, it either has ‘Read js.intercomcdn.com’ or ‘Transferring data from pi.pardot.com’ is displayed in a status bar… Then if creating a new app, or selecting one from ‘My apps’ or ‘Example apps’ it displays ‘Transferring data from www.facebook.com’ in that status bar. No matter what you do this consistently stays displayed…

what happens if you use incognito mode in your browser?

K… Let me check… Need to figure how to change the mode for firefox… But, this didn’t happen a few days ago…

well… if i know what I’m doing here… I set the ‘Always apply Do Not Track’ and nothing changes but open a new private window… It constantly loops with 'Transferring data from build.particle.io
Will see about exceptions…

Safari works fine… FYI

I am seeing similar things using Firefox 51.0.1 on Windows 10.

On creating a new app I see this message in the lower left of the browser window and the page load never completes (there’s a swirly “working” indicator on the page tab).

Transferring data from www.facebook.com

I have also seen other messages in the lower left corner such as

Waiting for secure.adnxs.com

And I have also seen one mentioning “js.intercomcdn.com” as well (but I didn’t write down the exact text).

Could it be your addblocker?

This is a known problem with Firefox 50 and 51. Unfortunately I don’t have an ETA for a fix. Build appears to still work for me, it’s just that the page never finishes loading.

@ScruffR: Sorry for my delayed reply. I did read the comments posted by @rickkas7 and took that as a “they know about it / working on it” indication.

But FYI I have NO ad blocker installed. I do however wonder why it’s attempting to transfer data from www.facebook.com when I’m actually only attempting to do stuff with the https://build.particle.io site. I’m puzzled as to why Facebook is even involved in the equation.

After a quick search it looks like Particle could be using https://nuclide.io/ can you or someone confirm this?

With every mention of Facebook, Particle should confirm the security of the platform and privacy of our source code. Using the local IDE for installed devices isn’t convenient. Thanks.

Particle doesn’t use https://nuclide.io/ for Particle Dev at all.

You can see which packages Particle Dev uses by going to Settings > Packages.

I have also recently noticed this “Transferring data from www.facebook.com…” message that never finishes.

I don’t even have a Fakebook account and I find it soewhat creepy that they’ve got their hooks into my Photon code. Can Particle address this problem?

@Michele, HOW and WHERE are you getting this message? Why do you feel your Photon is “hooked”? Is it subscribing to an event in the public event stream instead of a private stream?

Like a lot of web companies, Particle depends on libraries and analytics for some things. These libraries sometimes come with tracking GIFs and here you can see for the log in page of the web IDE, there are some real graphics from Particle and some tracking GIFs from Google Analytics, Facebook Doubleclick, Hubspot, etc. If you go to any major web page today you will find similar things. The best way to avoid problems with these is to use a browser that either blocks tracking images or randomizes the data.


What bko said. Also, it’s a known issue with Firefox where sometimes one of the sites (not always Facebook) will get stuck and stay in the status area and the loading spinner will keep spinning even though the page looks to be fully loaded and is operational.

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Just opening the Web IDE does it, before even selecting any menus. As soon as the window appears, it goes to it.

Because my browser says it is downloading something from Facebook, a company with a well-known lack of regard for anyone’s privacy.

No, I’m not publishing anything to any public stream. It starts this downlaoding stuff immediately upon starting the Web IDE, before I even open any of my own code to edit, compile, or flash anything.

It’s now happening on multiple browsers on multiple machines, including Pale Moon, plain Firefox,and Chrome, on XP, Win 7, and Solaris 10 Sparc. On the Sun, it sends CPU usage to 100% and the window becomes unusable.

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But other web pages do not produce similar results. In fact, the Particle Web IDE is the only place I’ve ever seen this “downloading whatever from Facebook” message, and I visit dozens of different web site every week.

Opening a private browser window doesn’t help this either.

So why is Particle inserting Facebook web beacons in their Web IDE? And what is Facebook downloading, unsolicited, onto my PC?

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These assumptions you posted are false. Particle is doing nothing but using standard web browser libraries. Facebook, via a web library, is sending you 1 pixel by 1 pixel GIF, that’s all.

If your browser is having trouble with that, I would do the normal browser things like make sure you are running the latest version of the browser, clear the cache and remove the cookies and see if the problem goes away.

Guessing now, I think your browser’s SSL certificates are old.

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For the record, and in case I can get a post out without it being summarily deleted like my last one (what are you afraid of?), the solution to this problem is the Firefox Ghostery extension. It blocks web beacons. After installing it, I no longer get that “downloading data from Facebook” message.

You’re welcome.

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I looks like I initiated this thread, please go to this link: https://community.particle.io/t/web-ide-constantly-loops/28647/8
It provides an explanation as it relates to firefox. I had no problem with safari. I do my dev with Particle Dev anyway… You could try Google Chrome if you’d like to stay with a Web IDE…