Infinite redirect loop when visiting

I just created a new account and went to to set up Particle Web IDE as described

Any thoughts?

Update: I’m able to reach the build page in incognito.

Try:, without the additional “/build” on the end. Following your link gave me an infinite loop as well. Strange behavior, but dropping the last bit took care of it for me.

Same here, I can’t access or, normal or incognito

I’m seeing the same issue. Using chrome or firefox I can log into the console but visiting in any fashion (including incognito mode) takes me to then to and then to then back to login. I can switch to microsoft edge and it works as expected.

Hi @trackdork

I run Firefox 65.0.2 64-bit on Windows here at work and I just tried to log in to and it worked fine for me.

You might check to see if your Firefox has a proxy or other setup item that could cause this.

This is still an issue. It doesn’t work on Chrome at least on 2 different computers. @bko
I don’t use proxy or VPN
Firefox works, but my main browser is Chrome

Tried Edge as well. I never ever used this browser for particle. Also gives redirect loop.

I have chrome on Mac - I enter and it opens you seem to have some issue not related to a pc pc/browser. ahem you created a new account to test this?

The root cause is not yet known, but a contributing factor is that the https:// URL is redirecting to an http:// address.
You can try copying the entire URL (that starts the loop) and change the redirect to https:// and see if this changes something.

This will start the loop:
This won’t:

One suspicion is that some browser cookie or other persistent setting on your machinge causes the wrong redirect. Once breaking that cycle should help cure the issue.

This looks to be working. That looks like an easy fix for a developer to adjust redirect automatically. Why do you even use http in 2019?

That's exactly what's not fully understood where that http:// comes from. It shouldn't be there as far the web crew is concerned. It must be hinding in some of the cracks resisting fumigation :wink:

I’m still seeing that as an easy fix. If you get ‘http’ in ‘redirect=’ just replace it with https xD