Web IDE becomes unresponsive after compiler errors

How to reproduce:

  1. Compile and get an error
  2. Click Compile again without changing anything

Now the interface is unresponsive.

Works well for me. I clicked the Verify button :heavy_check_mark: and it spins then says:

  • Compiling code…
  • Code verified! Great work.

Hmm, are you saying that you did the following:

  1. compile and get an error
  2. click compile again
  3. fix the error
  4. click compile again, and it works?

I clicked Verify button and i don’t see any compile button in the Web IDE :wink:

It worked for me as described above

For completeness:

Weird. Maybe it’s the internet here or something.

FYI - I’ve been experiencing the web IDE locking up often, usually after adding or reimporting a library. I can refresh the page and the Web IDE reloads ok after about 45 seconds. It’s frustrating and slows things down, but until things get sorted out I don’t mind hitting refresh when I need to.
FYI I’m using Firefox 38.0.5

That’s when I’ve been noticing it too (should have mentioned that). I’ll import a library, then try the steps above, then it locks up.

I have observed a similar behaviour and logged a bug issue with @suda (IDE-87 issue @suda)
I observed it when trying to remove a library as it threw compile errors. Works without a problem when there are no errors.

Thanks for bringing that up!

Sorry about that. Could you guys try again now? The issue should be fixed.


Seems to be fixed! Thanks man!!