Web App for an open source product

So I’m looking at building an open source product using the photon, but to make things easier for the end user if they aren’t terrible interested in messing directly with the firmware I am looking to build a GUI web app.

The end user still has complete control over their device and would create a Particle account and flash the code that I would supply on my public repository.

My current thought is to make a web app with React that essentially collects data from several forms such as a time zone drop down box for a clock, and then the data is sent using the REST API to a function on the photon. The settings would them be stored in eeprom.

To choose the device and authentication, two of the forms would be for the authentication token, and the device ID.

Does there seem like any problem with this?

I also thought of this particular solution for when a user would want to change the settings they previously had selected at a later date. Instead of re inputting all of the data previously selected, there could be a button that retrieves the currently stored settings on the photon. Would a GET request be sufficient?