I don't want to create a smartphone app, only a web app. Can I have a company and customers?

I deliberately only want to create a web app for my product, for simplicity (I don’t want to have to deal with app stores). What are my options if I want to manage my devices’ firmware versions ?

Can I still create a company and customers ? Or will my “end-users” have to register their photons under their own particle account and perform firmware upgrades on their own ?

If I wanted to provide my users an option to upgrade firmware through my webapp, could I use these functions ? https://docs.particle.io/reference/javascript/#flashing

Both an app as well as a website are merely front-end to connect with the backend api. Functionality wise, there should thus be no difference. I’m not sure if customers management is integrated in the javascript SDK yet, but you should be able to use conventional HTTP as well. Take a look at the cloud API for that: https://docs.particle.io/reference/api/#organizations

Flashing firmware is indeed possible using the SDK. Just make sure you explicitly download the firmware to the client as well, merely including in in the path won’t suffice. Took me a bit to figure that out, but it’s quite logical :wink:

Can I flash firmware from a Web page? What path should I give to the flashing function, an HTTP link?

Yes you can, as mentioned above :wink:
You have to make sure you download the relevant firmware to the client before submitting it. Alternatively, you trigger a function on the server that makes the flashing request. Regardless, the one making the request should have access to the file.
I’ve once tried this over here to see if it could be done, and indeed it works. It’s not the prettiest, but hey, I’m still learning :wink: https://github.com/moors7/particle_device_interface