Using Photon with own cloud

Hi all,

I just started to develop a new IoT project for which i want to use the Particle Photon board.

Having the Particle Cloud is great for the first stages cause it make it easier to prototype the solution, but rather sooner than later, due to security reasons, i will have to create the company´s own cloud.
That said, of course i dont want to pay for Particle´s cloud (assuming i will have more that 25 boards), if i will have everything running on my own cloud.
But before i start coding, i need to make sure that i can solve the following items:

  • Remotely update of particle firmware from my cloud.
  • Remotely flash of code from my cloud.

Are these two things possible? If so, where can i find tutorials?

Thanks in advance,

@alexgrauer, take a look at particle API js which will help you do everything you need. Searching the forums, you will also find many members in the same situation using it to flash their devices form their own servers.

@peekay123, thanks for the quick response.

If i use that api, i still have to register the photons to the particle cloud? If thats the case, i will have to pay for it even if i just use it to update the firmwares and flash code, right?

@alexgrauer, you do need to register them to an account. However, Particle only charges when you use their Particle Console and create products using their tools. They do not charge for “convential” use of their cloud infrastructure though users are still subject to “limits” such as number of Particle.publish() per second, etc.


To clarify on some of the terms in @peekay123’s statement:

  • If you have several (even thousands) of Particle devices all doing their own thing, they are all just a device with no fee for the cloud features.
  • If you decide to have a set of devices all running the same code, you can bundle them as a product to do everything you’d do to each individually just once for all the devices in that bundle, but even that is free for up to 25 devices per product ID but with some extra limits for possible events.
  • Only once you exceede these limits you will have to pay for the service.

That’s great ScruffR and peekay123. I got it now…
Thanks both! :slight_smile: