Can I flash Particle/Electron firmware and libraries to my own custom PCB?

Can I flash Particle/Electron firmware libraries and system firmware to my own custom PCB? Do I need any authorization from Particle to do that? (I am talking about prototyping as well as mass production). Do I have to do this at Particle module manufacturer? Or I can have any PCB factory to flash the firmware for me?

My own PCB will use the same chips as Electron has, such as STM32, U-Blox U260, etc. Off course, my board will have some other additional components, such as sensors, GPS. (that is why I need my own custom board, and I prefer everything all on one single PCB, instead of attaching Electron to a PCB)

If the answer is YES:slight_smile:, how do I flash all the Particle/Electron firmware libraries and system firmware (so I won’t miss anything in the original Electron)?

Please advise. Thanks!

I believe that is a yes. Everything needed for the firmware (bootloader, DCT, system etc) is here:

This is actually described on the Page on how to create a product here While they do say they recommend you use their module manufacturer they also don’t exclude you from using your own. To access the Particle cloud you then need to pay them ~$2/device and manage the device IDs to authenticate them on their system. The whole thing is ‘Open’ so you can do what you please

FWIW, @johnzhel we are also working on fully solderable version of the Electron that can be used in mass production. The largest benefit of using hardware from Particle is that it retains our FCC/CE/IC/PTCRB/Carrier certifications, but as others have mentioned it is not a prerequisite.

Please PM if you’d like to be connected with individuals at Particle who can provide you with more information about scaling on our platform.