Installing Firmware on custom Electron PCB


I’m in the process of making a sensor probe and I’m trying to integrated the electron circuit into my own sensor circuit, however, before proceeding, I want to ask if it’s possible to install the Electron firmware on a locally designed/developed PCB for use with the particle cloud? It seems like it has been possible some time ago (The Spark Core Firmware), but I can’t seem to find a process for the Electron and how it’s “practically” done using ones own computer.

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What do you mean? Are you asking if it is possible to program the Electron after you place it on your own PCB?

I’m implementing the Electron layout on my own PCB, e.g. not buying hardware, but simply leveraging the firmware and cloud system for a prototype for later production -

You are saying that you are going to buy the raw components that make an Electron and design them onto your own PCB, right? Did you consider FCC certification, antenna tuning etc?

I still cannot figure out your implementation.

1.) Attaching an electron on a PCB that you design
2.) Placing the raw electron components on a PCB that you design

I’m buying the raw components, which goes on a larger PCB with some other functions. I’m not using ready-made components whatsoever. Using the same layout will hopefully not trigger additional antenna tuning, nor do I believe that making a custom PCB with same components (Ublox etc) will require additional approval from European officials.

I’m just trying to figure out if it’s possible to essentially “make my own” electron using the Electron’s firmware and scaling with the Particle Cloud

I am not sure why you believe this would be the case. I think you will need testing.

If you are making a product like this and what to connect to the Particle cloud, I suggest you get in touch with Particle via the website.


Of course, it will need to be tested. However, I’m simply trying to find out if it’s possible to SMD solder the same components on a four-layer PCB and install the same firmware, so that it acts just like an Electron :slight_smile:

@claursen, the firmware will work if the hardware is exactly the same as the Electron. However, if you change the physical layout (eg. the STM32 on top instead of bottom), the “whole” may perform like an Electron. You will need to prototype and test extensively.

@peekay123 Thank you! I’ll prototype if any changes such happen to the original layout. I’ll get a STLink V2 and try it out