Hardware own design and production

hi everyone, I see the hardware source code is available, ideally if I want to print the board by myself using an external partner and adding few more sensors, is it possible? do I just need to load the particle firmeware to the board and it will connect to the particle cloud?
I just want to understand what is the particle strategy in this case, I want to add few more sensors like temperature, pressure and few others to make the board working for my use case

Why not use one of the SMD boards for that, like the P1, or even the P0? Those are made for that exact purpose, and will save you from all the ‘hard’ stuff.

thank you for your prompt response! what do you mean for SMD board? is that also available for electron? I am sorry, but I have no clue on what you are talking about. I am open for anything.

For the Electron not quite yet, but it’s being worked on, and shouldn’t take much longer. Alternatively, you could always mount the Electron with some female headers :slight_smile:

Hi @spall

If you want to make and sell your own device that uses the Particle Cloud, then you should be talking to sales folks at Particle. They can you figure out how to provision your devices to work on the Particle Cloud. You can fill out this form here to get started:


You should also read the “How to Build a Product” guide here:


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awesome! thank you so much to both! the second link gives all the details I was looking for, I will definitely reach out to the sales team. one more question, I see we have all particle products already certified, can I just sell it? if I add more sensors, do I need to re-certiiy the board? thanks in advance for any input

As a rule, CE marking and similar apply to an entire product tested while operating as it would be expected to run when deployed. So as soon as you stick a photon/P0 onto a custom board to make a bespoke product you would need to have that product tested, depending on your end user, your volume etc there are exceptions to these rules. A good testing house can give you advice on what is needed and an affordable non-destructive series of tests that can help them give you some pointers if changes are needed.

Hi @Moors7,

Great news!
Do you have any roadmap regarding this module? Months, Years?




thank you all! great news! looking forward to hear something new about this new SMT Electron.