Using the Electron on custom PCB

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to make a custom PCB and putting the particle Electron and adding some resistors. I was wondering if anyone else has every accomplished this, and what their process was. Would people recommend adding female headers on, doing through holes and hand soldering, or if surface mounting is even possible? I am planning to produce about 100 units.

I saw that there is this data sheet. However, this is for the particle Proton. Are there any differences I should know about?

Also side question:
How difficult would it be to integrate my own temperature sensor design into this pcb vs adding a spot for a break out board sensor? (cost and time wise)

Thank you,

There are two options:

  1. Solder the electron directly on your PCB
  2. Populate headers on the PCB and place the electron

In either option, you will need through hole footprint so if you are still considering, just make the PCBs and decide later!

There are some advantages to option 2 if space is not a constraint.

  1. You get to reuse the electron if the project comes to an end simply by removing it
  2. A damaged electron can be replaces easily
  3. It is easier to access the SIM card if there’s a need to change it

I just sent a first prototype to seeedstudio and I agree with @kennethlimcp. Also, in case you had any error on the pcb, you could reuse proton for a new one.