From Protoboard to PCB?

I have a simple setup with an Electron that uses a a couple of sensors. It’s a fairly simple setup really, but I’m spending a lot of time making all the connections with wires (there’s about 15-20 I need to make per board), which is going to be impractical once I want to make about 20 of these.

I’m still fairly new to the electronics scene as well - I have looked into printed PCBs but the services that some companies offer seem a bit overkill. All I wanted is basically a Proto-board, but with the connections already pre-made on it. I don’t need many layers, conductors, resistances, etc. just the connections to save me a lot of time.

Do you guys have any recommendations for me? Any websites that offer affordable prices and are easy to order from with this kind of a request?

@Vitesze, dirtypcbs has a $15/hr PCB design service. If you supply schematics (KiCad or Eagle), they will design the PCB for you. Then, you can have them fabricate a bunch and their prices for that are very good.

You need to select “PCB routing - $15/hr” under services. I have used them for PCBs and their quality and delivery options are excellent.

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Thanks, that should be great! Yeah, I already have played around a bit with Eagle so that should work :slight_smile:

1 Like is a pretty popular service in the USA and they ship worldwide.

They accept Kicad and Eagle board files.

You can see all the stuff people build with their service on their blog:

They have quick turn time options also.

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I got an announcement E-Mail that Particle is in partnership with seeedstudio for PCB-Boards at 24.10.2017 with “Get fully assembled custom Particle PCBs (P0/P1) in 7 days” in subject-line.

I share the text here:
Particle and Seeed have partnered together to bring you some exciting news!
Particle’s Cloud-integrated P0 and P1 Wi-Fi modules are now a part of Seeed’s PCB Fusion program which provides turn-key PCB fabrication and assembly services with lightning-fast 5-7 day lead times.
With a setup fee of only $15, low assembly costs, and free international shipping for qualifying orders, Seeed’s PCB Fusion program is a fantastic way to prototype and develop new custom Particle-connected PCBs.
After verifying your PCB with Seeed’s Fusion program, contact Particle or Seeed for mass production services to help you scale your IoT prototype to a mass-produced fleet of connected products.
To get started with the P0 or P1, go to Seeed’s Open Parts library and type “Particle” into the search box.

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