How can I download firmware for electron? And then in which location should I save it?

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The question might seem too much basic, but I’m really new to both particle electron device as well as for flashing the firmware. I’ve downloaded firmware from girhub through this link ,I’ve also installed particle-cli on my gut bash MINGW64 for windows.
Moreover, I’ve done the setup using particle setup command. But the next step says to use command “particle flash --serial firmware.bin” but it shows this message: " I couldn’t find that file: serial Flash device failed undefined".
Please guide me. I’m just a beginner.

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You can download the binary file from the web IDE using the cloud icon next to the App’s name. Save it in whatever directory you’re comfortable with, and navigate to said directory using the CLI/command prompt. Then use the flashing commands (preferable DFU over serial).


Hey, I am not able to find the link. Could you please send me the link?

If you want to use CLI to build your project, you need to use particle compile electron <yourProjectPath> first to create the binary.

For CLI builds you won’t need the github repo, since the project gets built in the cloud anyway.

And @Moors7 was refering to

See also

And to see the download icon :cloud: have a look here


Thanks a lot…@ScruffR

That helped me a lot…I’ve successfully flashed the firmware.
I was having one more question. Is there any support for Ethernet connection with Electron? Or are there any shields or modules available to provide Ethernet connection?


There is a shield in the works by @IOTrav and @peekay123 has had some success with an Ethernet library, but routing the Particle cloud communication over Ethernet is a non-trivial task (which currently seems to be the biggest ToDo for the ControlEverything shield)


Again thanks. This is sure the tough task. I was just wondering whether it could be possible to use I2C to Ethernet module. Will it be feasible?

I certainly don’t see any reason why you couldn’t do it over I2C, but really it seems like most of the Ethernet interface adapter ICs out there use SPI so I don’t see much point in trying to do it over I2C. Don’t get me wrong ControlEverything is probably thee biggest advocate for the I2C communication protocol(heck almost all of our products operate on I2C). SPI is really just as good for an application like this though, the only down side is it eats up more IOs than I2C.

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@IOTrav That is right, though I’d like to give it a try over I2C. As from the discussion on this thread, Porting the ethernet library from Arduino seems to face problem regarding interfacing with SPI. But, you guys have done very great work @peekay123 and @gkujawsk.

BTW: Any update on the library for W5500?

Porting Wiznet’s Arduino library for the W5500 was no small shore but I never really had an issue with SPI that I can recall. SPI communication seemed to be very solid. That is one heck of a reference thread :wink: I have tried to read though it before but never have had time to read it completely.

No updates on completing the library for cloud traffic. It is although 100% good to go if you just need to make socket connections, obtain IPs over DHCP, and do all of your normal network communication stuff. Basically it will do anything you want except for Particle function calls. Surely we can get something going on this soon.

Yes, you are right. @IOTrav
SPI works perfectly for me now. Now, I’m working on Socket Programming. You’re doing a great work. Looking forward on your further work.