Update particle web site

I was wondering where to find those stuff you used to find in the old version of particle’s web site. I am talking about Photon in this case.
For example the different operating modes for the photon with the particular explanation.

Are you looking for this?



Yes sir, that’s what I was looking for.Thank you
I would like to take advantage of your answer to ask something that you already explained in another post referring to the way the flash a particle device in this case the Photn using CLI interface. You know, the electronic and the software are increasingly intertwined and the areas of knowledge are increasingly broad. I have increased my backgroun in software but I still have very dark areas. This is aimed at asking how to obtain, from CLI, the binary file that can be downloaded from, for example, WEB IDE?
Can you help me from this post or should I change the category? Thank you very much in advance

Are you trying to compile firmware in the CLI? You could create a local project and copy your “sketch” into it.

Well, what I am trying to do is download the .ino file from the Web IDE (cloud icon with down arrow), and flash the photon with Photon from CLI.
Sorry maybe I have a wrong concept regarding the type of file .ino is.
Is it source code or a compiled one? :thinking:

This image downloads the binary (firmware.bin)

This imagedownloads the entire project’s sources (including the .ino file)

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@ScruffR & @nrobinson2000 Thanks.
Where should I store the binary file and then be taken by CLI and how do I load that file from CLI?

You can put the file wherever you see fit. And from that directory you run CLI particle flash --usb firmware.bin -v in DFU Mode or particle flash --serial firmware.bin -v in Listening Mode.

Thank you.