What's the point in subscribing to an organization plan?

Am I forced to create an organization and pay monthly to be able to deploy my firmware to all my devices?

This is what I was planning to do (please let me know if I’m not getting it right):

  • I have my own back-end and I’m building my own Android app.
  • I manage the users from my back-end, so I don’t want to create a user/costumer on the particle cloud. The only thing I want to be able to do with my Android app is to configure the photon’s WiFi credentials and then send the photon’s hardware ID to my back-end.
  • And obviously I want to be able to deploy my code to all my devices I configured with my own app.

So here are my questions:

  1. Can I use the Android Device Setup Library to simply enter my personal credentials so every photon that I configure is claimed by me? (So I don’t have to create customers and skip the log in screen).
  2. Can I deploy my code from build.particle.com to all my claimed devices at once?
  3. If so, what’s the point in having organizations and customers? Is that a solution for makers who don’t have a custom back-end? or do we all need to pay monthly to use photon in mass production?


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