How to Subscribe to events from my Organization

Hello folks,

I’m trying to subscribe my Photons to event generated by other devices in my Organization. So not only to events in generated in the Customer account, but events publish by the Product owner (me) intended for all the Devices in the Organization.

Is there something out there like this:
Particle.subscribe("news_feed", newsHandler, MY_ORGANIZATION);


If you need to have multiple accounts owning different sets of devices but don’t want to publish public events you might want to look into the Dashboard.

Otherwise have one organizational owner account and share this access token across your organization.

Interesting. Could you tell me how to implement the second scenario that you describe?

Ideally for my product, each customer account in the organization will own one photon. Then all the photons will talk to the same webhook.

For security reasons, I want to make sure that the photons only subscribe to the webhook of the organization, and not to others.

Any ideas how to this?