Android SDK: Particle accounts vs organization accounts

Hi All,

I’m rolling out my new product and for some reason Android users end up creating vanilla Particle accounts even though I believe the scoped token for creating organization accounts is given to the SDK. I’ll have a session with the app developer but before we bang our heads for too long, please let me know if this some known issue with the library?

Also several of my users already created the wrong accounts and now can not add the devices to their accounts. Meanwhile I advise them to use the alternative app with the different address, however many prefer to use their first choice of email address. My next question: is there a process for deleting Particle accounts?

@jeiden? @zachary?

Congrats @sparkly on the funding and roll-out of Garadget!

The documentation for using the Android Device Setup Library in organization mode is here:

There are no known issues. Give those docs a close read. With luck you’ll see something you missed and be able to quickly release a fix for android. However, if you think there’s an SDK bug and you can give us a way to reproduce it, please post an issue in github here:

Bringing more people into the conversation:

  • @ido runs mobile at :particle:
  • @jensck has built the android SDKs

@sparkly congrats on the roll-out!

Re: the issue you’re experiencing, @zachary took the words right out of my mouth (or fingers, as it were)! I’m always watching for new issues filed on the github repo linked above, and I’ve marked this thread as “Watching”, so I’ll get notified of any updates. Let us know how it goes!

Thanks all!

Looks like the Android error message was caused by misconfiguration on our end.

With that sorted out, I’d like to return to the second question about sharing the organization account with other organizations and (more importantly) with vanilla :particle: accounts. In organization dashboard there’s a relevant settings and I selected the most liberal options.

Login Reuse: Yes
Account Sharing: Yes

Still, it appears that customers with non-organization particle accounts are unable to register Garadget in them. I understand that it is not a priority issue now, but with more Photons in the wild, it will come up more frequently. For now I had to add the requirement that email address is involved in any other Particle based products.

Thanks again for all your work.

@sparkly excellent, glad to hear you found the issue. In the interests of eliminating this for future SDK users, is there anything we could do better in the SDK or the docs that would have made finding the source of the error more obvious?

I can’t speak to the account sharing issue – maybe @bryce or @Dave , one of you want to field this?

@jensck, I’ll check with the developer to see if he has any suggestions, but likely he was just running low on caffeine.